Keith Olszewski

First, everyone wants to know how to pronounce my name. It’s Pastor Keith. Of course, if you would like to learn a little Polish, my last name is pronounced “Ol-shef-ski”.  In Polish it means “of the alder trees”.

Pastor Keith

Born in Washington, DC and raised in Oklahoma, I gave my life to Jesus Christ at the age of twelve. Early in my professional career, I felt a constant drawing to a life of service. This led to a Bachelor’s degree in Education and ten wonderful years as a public school teacher.  Obtaining a master’s degree in psychological counseling, I began a private counseling practice in 2005. Walk of Life Counseling was established to assist individuals, couples and families with emotional, behavioral and relational issues. While teaching and counseling, I’ve been active as a Chaplain with Disaster Response Teams, both nationally and internationally, and currently serve as a Corporate Chaplain to businesses in northern Colorado.

In 1986, I married my best friend, Celinda. She is not only my wife and counselor but also a practicing CPA and Church Administrator for Cornerstone Baptist Church in Windsor. She actively and joyfully supports and participates in the ministries and activities of Severance Community Church.

Keith and Celinda

As God led more toward a career in ministry and becoming even more passionate for sharing His Word and love, I began serving as an Interdenominational Supply Minister in Northern Colorado in 2012.  Continuing to prayerfully search for a direction of service, these prayers were answered when I accepted the call to pastor Severance Community Church, and was ordained as a Southern Baptist pastor in August of 2018.

When we take time for ourselves, we enjoy camping, hiking, scuba diving and listening to ocean waves or rushing rivers from our hammock.

Grateful for the blessings God has so abundantly shared with our family at Severance Community, I hope you will join us as we seek to praise God and draw closer to our Lord.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our church family at Severance Community.

Keith Olszewski, Pastor

Psalms 19:14