Bob and Jo Glaze moved into Severance in 2001 and founded Severance Community Church (SCC) from very humble beginnings by having the church in their home.  Working with Rex and Sue Whitman (the first pastor of SCC) along with Daryl and Deedee Wilbanks they started to have a bible studies and services in the Glaze’s home.

The congregation started to grow and needed a larger place to meet, and the church decided to meet in the Old Town Hall in Severance, CO.  The church has been very blessed with the support of the town of Severance.  Pastor Rex stepped down in 2005.  At this point SCC joined with the Independent Fundamental Churches of America (IFCA)  through Paul Williamson.  Through Paul the Lord called up Les and Nancy Gwin to be the next pastor that oversaw the church for many years.  Les and Nancy were called back to their former church in Denver as well as continuing their ministries with deaf and special needs children in 2012.

The church was still with IFCA and Paul, again with the Lord’s calling, brought Kevin and Miranda Deitrich to be the next pastor to lead SCC in worship.  The Deitrich’s served for three years before family issues called them back to Pennsylvania.  After much prayer and time the Lord brought Keith and Celinda Olszewski.  At this point, by unanimous decision of the congregation, SCC decided to leave the IFCA and join with the Southern Baptist Convention.  Still meeting in the Old Town Hall of Severance CO, the doors are open for anyone to join in praise and worship.

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